A Young Company with Old-School Values

We're a mission-driven beauty brand based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. We were established in 2017, and our very first season of products launched in Earth Month 2018.

Our Mission

Our mission is to plant the seeds of health, well-being, and sustainability for future generations.

To protect seeds from over-commercialization, we partner with independent American organic farmers to harness the power of local seed varieties to create elevated natural products that make us look and feel good.

Together, we create an environment of harmonious beauty, agriculture and sustainable business.

Our philosophy is simple. Everything we do is done with the purpose of furthering our four brand obsessions. Learn more about them below.

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Promoting Natural Beauty

We believe that natural beauty is synonymous with healthy living; how you feel, and what you choose to put into and on your body, are more important than the way you look.
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The Importance of Seeds

The seed is the most concentrated part of the plant, and an ideal choice for top quality ingredients. It’s where a plant’s nutrients are encased and protected from environmental elements so they remain in their purest form. Seeds contain high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, phytosterols, carotene and vitamins A, C, D and E.

Ingredient Integrity

We also only use the cold press and expeller methods to extract oil from our seeds (as opposed to using chemical solvents). These methods use mechanical pressure to release the oil. This takes more time and extracts less oil, but we feel it’s worth it to maintain the integrity of oils and to ensure the highest level of purity. We return what’s left of the seed back to our farmers to provide nutritious, organic feed for their animals.


Leading Environmental Sustainability

We believe that beauty can, and should be, sustainable.

We practice what we preach by using environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable packaging for all of our products.

We feel that it’s our responsibility to lead the way and promote environmental sustainability for the beauty industry as a whole.

The First Shower-Friendly Paper Bottle

Our revolutionary shower-friendly paper bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper with a post-consumer recycled plastic liner, resulting in 60% less plastic than a traditional bottle. Our bottles likely started out as cardboard boxes, and we give them a second (or maybe even a third) life.

Meet Our Packaging Partner Ecologic

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Recycle your pumps!

Seed Phytonutrients has partnered with TerraCycle® to create a free recycling program for our pumps. Save up your pumps and request a free recycling envelope here.

These pumps will be upcycled and turned into items such as farm fences or Adirondack chairs.


Supporting Independent American Organic Farmers

Our farmers and the potent natural ingredients they supply are the heart of our products. We believe in supporting American organic farmers so they are able to continue their way of life, and provide us with the ingredients we value so deeply.

The Challenge

Organic farming is a tough business. Did you know it takes three years to have an organic farm certified? During that period, farmers can’t market their products as certified organic. Startup costs are very high, and as a result, many farmers are forced to sell or transition back to conventional farming.

Our Commitment

We support our organic farmers by paying for 100% of their crop up front, regardless of yield. This allows farmers to reinvest in their farms and plan for their future harvests. Supporting them provides hope for a thriving future of organic farming which will provide us all with organic crops for years to come.



Preserving Seed Diversity

For thousands of years, seeds have been cultivated, but over the past century, 94% of seed varieties have been lost due to many factors including over-commercialization (Charles Siebert, “Food Ark,” National Geographic, July 2011). Seed saving is extremely important because it creates diversity in plant species that help protect them from pests, diseases and changes in climate. We vow to do our part to save the seed varieties that we have left.

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Seeding a Surprise

Together with our friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Company, we have developed a little surprise just for you inside all of our paper bottles. After you’ve used up all of the product in your bottle, crack it open to discover a beautifully-designed packet of a range of heirloom herb seeds. Grow these in your garden or keep them inside on your windowsill!

At Seed Phytonutrients, we are committed to supporting the growth of organic, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and sharing them with you to create more resilient plants across our planet.

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