We believe that beauty can, and should be, sustainable. We feel that it’s our responsibility to lead the way and promote environmental sustainability for the beauty industry as a whole.

All Seed Phytonutrients bottles and tubes are recyclable curbside and we utilize curbside-recyclable packaging as much as possible, without sacrificing functionality. For packaging with materials that aren't recyclable curbside, we've partnered with Pact Collective to create a free mail-back recycling program.

How Recycling With Pact Works

Step 1

Follow this link to complete checkout and you'll receive a shipping label and instructions via email.

Step 2

Place 5-10 clean, Pact approved hard-to-recycle beauty packages from any brand in a box (no larger than 6”x6”x3”) or envelope (no larger than 8”x12”).

Step 3

Drop your package in the mailbox and we'll recycle your empties. Don’t forget to use your hard earned $5 store credit to purchase more product. Bonus - you get a free gift with purchase as well!

What Should Be Sent To Pact?

Pact only collects hard-to-recycle beauty packaging, like pumps and caps. Learn more about how Pact helps recycle and when to curbside recycle.

  • What packaging can be sent to Pact for recycling?

    You can drop off any beauty packaging, as long as it’s clean, empty and on the following list: Plastic bottles smaller than a fist, colored glass bottles and jars, caps + closures, pumps + dispensers

    Pact’s collection guidelines will continue to evolve as we gain more insight from our community and recycling partners into local recycling capabilities. It is always ideal to check with your local recycling centers for the most accurate information on curbside recyclable items in your area.

  • What packaging can be curbside recycled?

    Aluminum bottles and tubes (with labels on), plastic containers labeled #1, 2 and 5 (when larger than a yogurt cup/fist), clear or frosted glass jars + bottles, cardboard + paper

  • How do I send approved empties to Pact?

    Follow the 1,2,3 step method listed above and click the button “Order a Pact Shipping Label” to get your shipping label sent via email. Print the label and attach it to the box before bringing it to your local mail office.We encourage you to utilize the original shipping box or reuse another shipping box to ship back empties!

  • What happens to the packaging once collected?

    After collection, Pact aims to find the highest and best use for the packaging material collected.

    • Mechanical recycling: Upcycling packaging material into another product (e.g. packaging, carpet, pallets for warehouses) or downcycling into a lower-value item (e.g. asphalt)
    • Molecular recycling: Breaking down packaging material to its most basic molecular component so that it can be used as raw material in future products (e.g. packaging or textiles)
    • Waste-to-energy: Packaging that cannot be used in any other way is incinerated to generate electricity or fuel material collected by Pact never goes to the landfill.

Recycling Playbook

Climate-Neutral Certified

Seed Phytonutrients is a proud member of the Climate Neutral Certified™ family. We measure our carbon footprint then offset our total greenhouse gas emissions for the year through supporting a variety of carbon sequestration projects.

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Ocean-Bound Plastic Recovery with Verdn

Verdn's innovative approach to environmental preservation aligns perfectly with our mission, focusing on the critical issue of ocean-bound plastic. Together, we aim to tackle this pressing challenge head-on, by contributing to the recovery of ocean-bound plastic with every order.

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