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  • PPDSEED884486367693
    "The texture is amazing and my skin is glowing!"
    From our face Collection
    Superseeds Serum 1.0oz / 30ml


    Our vegan, paraben-free, lightweight serum is never sticky or tacky, and absorbs beautifully into your skin. It features wholesome and nourishing fatty acids, protective antioxidants and a boost of vitamin C. Just what your skin needs if it's beginning to show early signs of aging.
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  • PPDSEED884486410849
    "It's like a miracle in a bottle"
    From our body Collection
    American Farmland Trust Limited Edition Body Moisturizer 8.5oz / 250ml


    Introducing our Limited Edition American Farmland Trust Body Moisturizer. Our body moisturizer features hydrating ingredients such as three nutrient-rich seed oils, coconut and shea butter in a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly.
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  • PPDSEED884486367631
    "It's a holy grail product"
    From our hair Collection
    Daily Hair Cleanser Shampoo 8.5oz / 250ml


    Our vegan daily hair cleanser shampoo, formulated for normal to fine or oily hair, provides a gentle yet deeply nourishing clean without the use of harsh chemicals or sulfates. Organic sunflower seed oil, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to nourish and hydrate for beautifully smooth and luscious hair. With a 100% natural sea salt and bergamot aroma, you (and our planet) will fall in love with this cleansing shampoo.
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Our Obsessions

We Support Independent American Organic Farmers

We support our organic farmers by paying for 100% of their crop upfront, regardless of yield.

Beauty Can, and Should be, Sustainable

We use recycled and recyclable packaging for all of our products. We also created the first shower-friendly paper bottle, made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper with a post-consumer recycled liner.