Why You Should Try Our Concentrated Cleansing Powders

Here at Seed Phytonutrients, we're always aiming to innovate in our formulation process and find creative ways to offer more sustainable products. Our newest, tiny-but-mighty concentrated cleansing powders are drastically different from traditional (water-based) cleansers in a lot of ways— notably in that they're much gentler on the planet!

First and foremost, these cleansing powders for hair, face, and body are super concentrated, which means they're super lightweight! One 2 OZ. bottle of any of our cleansing powders is equivalent to about one liter (33.8 FL OZ.) of a traditional cleanser (which are, you guessed it, mostly filled with water!). With our powders, you simply use the water from your shower to activate the formula at the moment of use. This way, we're not shipping you bottles filled with water, because less volume shipped = fewer carbon emissions! And less frequent shipments to replenish your shampoo, body cleanser, and facial cleanser = even fewer carbon emissions! 

Specifically, with our Balancing Shampoo Powder and Clarifying Shampoo Powder, we've gotten feedback from many of you that when using these shampoo powders, you feel like you can wash your hair less frequently, and we can explain why! Traditional shampoos are often thickened with gummy ingredients to create a pleasant gel texture, but these gummy ingredients are often left behind on the hair in the form of residue, which quickly makes your hair feel dirty and heavy again. Our shampoo powders don't contain any gummy thickeners or filler ingredients, so the result is totally refreshed, healthy-looking hair with bounce, volume, and shine! You'll feel like you can wash your hair less frequently because you can wash your hair less frequently. Less time spent with your shower water running? Another win for the planet!

To put things into perspective— the GIF above says it all! (yes, they're more adorable, more sustainable, AND you get more for your $!)[

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