Climate Neutral

We're Committed to Tackling Climate Change

Everything we make, buy, and sell as a society leaves a carbon trail, and contributes to climate change. It's certainly daunting, but solving the climate crisis isn’t a lost cause. If businesses can team up and lower their emissions, we can make substantial progress toward decreasing global carbon emissions. 

At Seed Phytonutrients, we've always prided ourselves on acting as leaders of sustainability within the beauty industry. That’s why today we’re so proud to announce that we've committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified.

We’re working with Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization, to measure and offset our entire 2020 carbon emissions, and implement robust plans to reduce emissions moving forward. We’ll first purchase quality carbon credits to offset this year’s emissions. Carbon offsets are investment projects that either avoid carbon from being emitted, like renewable energy or remove carbon from the atmosphere, like planting forests.

Once we’ve completed our certification next spring, you’ll start seeing the Climate Neutral Certified label on our product packaging and our website. This label will help conscious consumers like you support brands that are taking serious action on climate change. Becoming Climate Neutral Certified is just one step in a long sustainability journey for us, but we feel it’s a step in a brighter direction. Learn more about this commitment and how it’s helping tackle climate change at

We’re eager to start this journey, and we can’t wait to update you along the way! It's time for businesses (like ours) and consumers (like you) to lead and make climate change solutions happen on a global scale.

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