Three Skincare Hacks Using Tea

Three Skincare Hacks Using Tea

by Sarah Gray Miller

Tea can be used in a number of ways to refresh your skin and soothe the soul. Here are a few of our favorite DIY skin care hacks using the simplicity of tea.

Pack Your Bags, Tea Bags That Is

Tired, puffy eyes can appear for many reasons, such as allergies, fatigue, genes, and more. De-puff those lids with green tea. Its caffeinated properties will increase circulation under your eyes to have you looking fully rested. Take two tea bags, steep them in hot water for about a minute, remove them from the water, and let them chill in the refrigerator. Once chilled, place one on each eyelid for fifteen minutes and say goodbye to those bags!

Tone up with Tea

Toner is a crucial step in your skincare regimen and now it is easily accessible in your kitchen. You can apply green tea directly to the skin’s surface. It tones down any inflammation, resulting in brighter and hydrated skin. Steep your bags for about five minutes, as you would a normal cup of tea. Once the tea reaches room temperature, you can apply it with a cotton ball or put it in a spray bottle to tone the face. Keep it in the fridge during the summer for a cool spritz on a hot day.

Soothe the Skin with Chamomile

The perfect remedy for irritated skin—chamomile ice cubes. Chamomile helps with any kind of inflammation, from acne and puffiness, to tired-looking skin. Your skin will perk right up by rubbing these cubes over problem areas. Head over to your local farmers market, such as our favorite, Barefoot Botanicals, brew up a strong batch, and allow it to cool for ten to fifteen minutes. Once it has cooled, pour the tea into an ice cube tray, and you’ll be on your way to refreshed skin! You can also try our moisture stick Lip Balm made with chamomile for added soothing and moisture.

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