Face Mask

The Art of Face Mapping

by Sarah Gray Miller with image by Mind Body Green

With the art of face mapping we’ve learned that your skin health is a gateway to your internal health. Redness, acne, dryness, and oil can indicate an imbalance within the body. Check out our map and tips below to figure out what has caused your skin to go off track and how you can steer it in the right direction for a healthier, glowing you!

Digestive System + Intestines

Poor diet, irregular sleep, and processed foods are the culprit for that pesky forehead acne. Stay in tune with your diet to ensure you’re fueling your body with natural, wholesome foods that won’t disrupt your digestive tract.


The stress levels of your liver can be depicted in between your eyebrows. Avoid toxins as much as possible by incorporating fresh, organic food and non-toxic skincare products into your daily routine.


Is your under eye area looking dark and lackluster? Hydrate with more water to flush the toxins out of your kidneys. Step up your detox game by adding fresh lemon, cucumber, and mint from your garden for taste and extra benefits!

Circulatory + Heart

Lower your blood pressure and increase blood circulation with regular exercise and by adding fatty acids to your diet, such as flax seeds, which you can learn how to grow yourself!

Respiratory System

Allergies cause congestion and infection, which is why flare-ups appear around your sinus cavities. If you are prone to being sensitive to the elements, be sure to take an antihistamine before heading outside. Tip: Increasing your antioxidant intake helps fight off those infections, so load up on berries the next time you hit the farmer’s market!


Try to incorporate yoga and breathing exercises to cut down on stress, hormonal imbalances and the dreaded chin acne. Side effect: relaxation and clearer skin.

For breakouts we love to include our clearing and uplifting Serum and rejuvenating Gentle Facial Cleanser into our daily skin care routine.

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