Six Natural Remedies for Soothing Sunburn

Six Natural Remedies for Soothing Sunburn

Summer is filled with cookouts, ocean waves, and taking in the sunshine’s rays. Through all of the fun, it can be easy to forget to reapply sunscreen every couple hours, leaving you with the dreaded, painful sunburn. Check out these natural home remedies to ease the effects from worshiping the sun!


If your burn has reached the peeling phase, aloe is your best friend. Not only does it cool your warm, overheated skin, it moisturizes it as well, providing instant comfort from a bad day at the beach.


Relax and relieve at the same time by adding lavender and chamomile oil to your bath. These oils both have calming properties, which will alleviate your sunburn. Add some candles and a glass of wine for the full spa effect, you deserve it!


Remember when you were a kid with chicken pox and your mom drew you up an oatmeal bath? The same goes for sunburn. Oatmeal is a classic remedy that never goes out of style. Its soothing nature will ease the urge to itch your sunburn.


Pomegranates and sunscreen may sound like an unlikely pair, but together they’re a dynamic duo against the sun. Pomegranates are rich in ellagic acid, which protect you from UVA and UVB ray damage.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Sunburned skin is often dry and dehydrated. Replenish your body’s fluids and heal quicker with constant water intake, which is also imperative with summer’s hot temperatures.


You may get vitamin D from the sun, but vitamin E is what you will need to recover from it. Vitamin E is packed with anti-oxidants! Rub some vitamin E oil over your sunburn to combat inflammation and redness.

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