Make Your Skin Look Younger with These Simple Lifestyle Changes

Looking for more youthful skin? These three subtle lifestyle changes can help knock a few years off of your appearance in a natural, non-invasive way, having you feel more confident, without the pain of procedures!

Doing exercises such as downward dog can bring life and a lift back into your face by increasing circulation. You don’t have to be a yoga instructor to master this pose either. Holding the position anywhere from one to five minutes will do the trick, depending on your comfort level.

Nothing makes you look beyond your years more than sleeping with a full face of makeup. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many are culprits of forgetting this crucial step when exhausted from a long day. Clogged pores, breakouts, dryness, eye infections, and wrinkles are just a few of the outcomes from leaving residue on your face before hitting the hay. Missing a day or two every once in a while will not cause irreparable damage, but making a habit of it can cause serious issues for your complexion. For a natural cleaning that will have your face feeling refreshed, wash with Seed Phytonutrients Gentle Facial Cleanser prior to bed.

Not only does extra sleep make you appear more youthful, what you sleep on is just as important. Switching from cotton pillowcases and sheets to satin will cut down on facial creases. Putting rough fabrics near your face is not ideal because it puts pressure on your skin, which increases unwanted wrinkles. Not only will satin feel luxurious, your skin will thank you come morning time!

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