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Four Great Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

This post was written by Jackie Lutze and used with her permission. To learn more about Jackie, visit

Ever wonder what to do with all those used coffee grounds? Well, here you go, we rounded up four ways to reuse coffee grounds.

Hi, I’m Jackie and I am a coffee addict. Now, I did switch to decaf last summer to help combat some hormonal imbalances I was going through, but I just love the taste so still drink it every day!

For the most part I am proud to say my coffee-drinking habits are mostly waste-free. I don’t know if they completely are, because I only know as far as I buy it in bulk from the co-op, use reusable containers when buying, and have a mesh filter at home. But I unfortunately do not know the life of my coffee bean before it gets to the store. Hopefully someday I can track the whole process and report back

Okay, long story short, it has been a zero-waste item on MY end, which was the only way I was okay continuing my cup of joe addiction. The only hiccup is the grounds. Now, sure they ARE biodegradable. I’ll also note that I ONLY buy organic and fair trade, so are safe to compost. But I don’t compost.

So, I wanted to explore and see if there were some ways I could reuse those daily grounds. Here are my top finds!

Flower Beds

Instead of composting first, just toss your grounds into the garden. They are great to help fertilize the soil and can act as a naturally bug repellent. I’ve heard that carrots LOVE coffee.

Body and Face Scrub

Coffee is a great exfoliator. Combine 4 T olive oil, 6 T old coffee grounds, and a few drops of essential oil if preferred. Take a dollop and massage into your face and body. You’ll be left with silk-smooth skin and smell like coffee. Win win!

Shampoo Additive

Combine it with your normal shampoo and massage into your scalp. The caffeine will stimulate new hair growth. Just a note, make sure to put a catch in your shower drain.

Face Mask

This cocoa-coffee mask is to die for. You’ll feel and smell amazing after you’re done! Combine: 4 T cocoa, 4 T coffee, and a few drops of olive oil to form a paste. For oily skin, add a couple squeezes of fresh lemon. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes, wipe off with a wet wash cloth.

If you give these a try, definitely let us know! Or if you have some other eco-friendly uses drop your ideas below!

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