Save the Planet & Your Wallet

Eco-Friendly Money-Saving Tips: Save the Planet and Your Wallet

Looking to reduce your waste while keeping your wallet full? Here are five easy eco-friendly money-saving tips.

The big scary world of going zero waste and living a more sustainable life can be in fact that, scary. When I first jumped down this rabbit hole, I got pretty overwhelmed. Okay, I still get overwhelmed. I am not perfect, I have to get leftover boxes sometimes, I still haven’t mastered cooking waste-free, but each day I make a little more effort and my life gets a little more green-friendly.

Here are some super easy, cost effective ways to GO GREEN.

Reusable Tumbler

Did you know that most cafes will give you a discount for bringing your own mug? Yep. I have gotten as much as 50 cents off at some places. That adds up quick … well it does it you are a coffee addict like me! In this reusable tumbler category I will include reusable water bottles! I have no idea how much money I have saved by carrying my water bottle E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. Find a bubbler (yes, I am from Wisconsin) and fill ’er up. Much better than the $5 a bottle at a baseball stadium.

Air travel tip: Chug your water before going through security and your empty bottle will get the green light to pass through. Airports have a lot of water fountains after security, so you’ll have plenty of chances to fill it up and avoid the crazy airport water bottle prices.

Buy Secondhand

I was never the best at secondhand shopping, but I have now realized how AWESOME it can be! I can find some of my favorite brands at a fraction of the price. The fashion industry unfortunately causes a good chunk of harm to the environment. (Coming in third worst in the world, falling only behind oil and factory farming).

By buying secondhand you are not directly supporting the fast-fashion industry. This is the only way I will buy fast-fashion labels anymore. Sure everything will be last season, or five seasons ago, but it will help you live by your OWN style rules instead of always having to have that years IT bag.

Buy Locally and In Season

When it comes to produce we are pretty damn lucky here in the US, because our grocery stores will ship in any and every fruit or veggie our heart des

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