Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin and Shiny Hair

Beauty Foods for Healthy Skin and Shiny Hair

What you eat effects your skin and hair, it’s that simple. Eat right and use effective beauty products with natural ingredients, and the two will be extra powerful.

How to Achieve Healthy Skin

Veggies including kale (lutein), yellow peppers (antioxidants), carrots (carotenoid), pumpkin (vitamin A), and tomatoes (lycopene) are packed with skin-perfecting nutrients. Adding these healthy ingredients to your daily intake can improve the appearance in several ways.

The signs of aging can result in increased wrinkles, sagging/sallow skin, and loss of collagen. Carotenoid will restore a glow to your skin and slow the grey color that happens over time. Antioxidants protect the skin from the harmful sun and free radical damage that cause fine lines and wrinkles, just to name a couple of noteworthy benefits.

Long story short, be sure to eat your veggies! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to apply products that contain vitamin rich ingredients. Sunflower seed oil—a main ingredient in Seed Phytonutrients facial care, including our cleanser, serum and moisturizer, is extremely beneficial in preventing breakouts.

Sunflower oil creates a barrier on the skin, making it difficult for the gunk and grime known as bacteria to build up on the skin. Together as a daily routine, your skin will be flawless.

How to Achieve Healthy Hair

If you’re looking for luscious locks, salmon is an excellent source of omega-3, which keeps your hair shiny and full. Kale contains vitamin A, yet another reason to eat this trendy health food. Vitamin A protects the hair from breakage by strengthening every strand.

Sweet potato fries are packed with beta carotene, found in the orange flesh, which replenishes the shine of dry and dull hair. And this isn’t the only tasty food with natural hair benefits.

Great hair doesn’t come from just eating tasty bites, but from combining that with the perfect outer routine. Your shampoo and conditioner should offer benefits that go well beyond cleansing, which we offer.

The natural seed oils from Seed Phytonutrients shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair healthy and stimulate the scalp for extra hair growth.

In addition to skin irritation and potential harm to organs and the environment, sulfates cause frizz. Any hair care regime claiming to “tame the mane” should avoid all sulfates, even if just for cosmetic reason alone. Sulfates create lather, lather creates frizz and unruliness.

That’s one of the many reasons we love our Seed Phytonutrients shampoo and conditioner—no sulfates! Oh, and it smells great, and contains rich coconut, shea butter, sunflower, and camelina oils that naturally repair damaged locks, stimulate hair growth, and protect from UV damage.

Keep in mind a few simple steps that make a world of difference. Limit the amount of times you use heat tools, avoid wrapping wet hair in a towel, and make sure to select the right brush for your hair type. Here’s a great resource to guide you when making a brush purchase.

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